The ABC in Western Australia has reported Humanihut's involvement in the flood recovery effort, with Humanihut providing up to 100 temporary units to house Fitzroy Crossing residents who lost their homes in January’s flood.

Humanihut managing director Neale Sutton said the rigid deployable shelters were designed for temporary use.

"It's a short-term accommodation fix to support local residents until they can get back into their homes eventually," he said.

"[It's] somewhere cool and comfortable to live in whilst ongoing recovery work is being done by the West Australian government."

Mr Sutton said large family units were not considered in the initial designs, but work was being done to accommodate bigger groups.

"They’re not currently configured for large families but the next iteration, which is very close, is being able to provide much larger rooms that can take larger family groups."

Humanihuts have been used for emergency crews fighting fires, quarantine and isolation facilities, and construction accommodation for workers overseas.

Mr Sutton said locals were consulted about appropriate sites and set-up and that cultural needs had been considered.

"When we go into a location, it doesn’t matter if it's the Middle East or Australia, we work very closely with that local community to ensure they are culturally sensitive," he said.