Humanihut’s Story

As a former soldier, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Humanihut, Neale Sutton, had first-hand experience in the hardships of conflict. That experience was his biggest inspiration behind designing an innovative, robust temporary emergency accommodation solution, which was rapidly deployable, had design flexibility allowing a structure to be used for multiple applications, and did not compromise on durability and performance.

2013 - Establishment of Humanihut

Humanihut Pty Ltd was established.

2015 - Humanihut Pty Ltd Launched

Humanihut Pty Ltd was launched by the Premier of the Government of South Australia, the Honourable Mr Jay Weatherill. The news release can be viewed here.

2016 - Humanihut Featured in Disrupt 100

Humanihut was included in Disrupt 100 – a bi-annual publication celebrating the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets. View Humanihut’s Media Release and the Disrupt 100 Press Release.

2018 - Humanihut Awarded the Good Design Award

The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System was awarded Best in Class for Engineering Design and was also a Nominee for the Award of the Year for Engineering Design in May 2018. Good Design Australia is an international design promotional organisation who is committed to promoting the importance of design to business, industry, government and the general public, and the critical role it plays in creating a better, safer and more prosperous world.

2019 - Business Council Design for Export Awards: Winner

The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System was judged the Overall Winner in the Design Strategy category at the Business SA Export Awards in October 2019. These awards are a joint initiative between Good Design Australia and Business SA, and celebrate the success of South Australia’s design-led exporters. For more information, click here.

Humanihut was judged Best in Class for Engineering Design by Good Design Australia.
Humanihut was included in Disrupt 100 – a bi-annual publication celebrating the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets.
The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System was judged the Overall Winner in the Design Strategy category at the Business SA Export Awards in October 2019.

A Word From Our Managing Director

The catalyst for Humanihut came from my experience in 1999-2000 in East Timor, where I was deployed as a Military Observer to the UN Transitional Authority that was controlling the repatriation of refugees from West to East Timor. During this period, I witnessed approximately 3,500 people per day being repatriated in columns of open trucks across a border that was just a Bailey bridge and a customs’ hut.

My time in East Timor was where the Humanihut seed was planted, but it was not until 2013-14 that the concept really developed, this time via another humanitarian crisis as tens of thousands of refugees of the Syrian War crossed into Jordan and Lebanon. It was the news footage of people being housed in tents and sheds with dirt floors, that triggered me to start to consider in greater detail the need for a superior form of temporary accommodation; something that could be rapidly deployed to provide shelter, comfort, cleanliness, security, and dignity for people in need. From humble beginnings, Humanihut now supplies temporary infrastructure to the global humanitarian, emergency management and construction industries.

The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (HFIS) is designed with a unique folding wall system allowing eight-Huts to pack into a shipping container for efficient transportation and storage. Seals at all folds provide a complete environmental barrier. All components, accessories, and necessary utilities are integrated for rapid deployment and ease of establishment, meaning the HFIS can operate independently without access to mains water, power, and wastewater infrastructure, or it can easily connect to main services. Additionally, Humanihut offers complete turnkey facilities management solutions that are customised for any sized project and can include site management, warehousing, catering, and medical support services.

I look forward to demonstrating the flexibility of the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System to you.

Neale Sutton

Our Values

Our Values


Understanding and anticipating the individual needs and requirements of our clients; and providing them with solutions that exceed their expectations; logistically, financially, operationally, and environmentally.


Creating a culture & atmosphere built on trust, respect, accountability, appreciation & belonging.


Communicating both internally and externally in an effective, timely, respectful and efficient manner.


We are driven in the pursuit of delivering the highest quality products through continuous improvement.


Growing the Humanihut brand to be recognised as the world leader in rapidly deployable, innovative, adaptive solutions, for multiple uses across many sectors including humanitarian, medical infrastructure, emergency management, defence, and the mining and construction industries.

Our Policies

Our Policies

Quality Policy

Humanihut is committed to providing the highest level achievable in the quality of all.

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ISO 9001:2015

Humanihut conforms with the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2015

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ISO 45001:2018

Humanihut conforms to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard ISO 45001:2018

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ISO 14001:2015

Humanihut conforms to the Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001:2015

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Work Health & Safety Policy

Humanihut is committed to improving a Work Health and Safety (WHS) management system

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Environmental Management Policy

Humanihut is committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

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Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Kevin Scarce

Board Chair
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Neale Sutton

Managing Director
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Steve Lavis

Chief Executive Officer Humanihut UK Ltd
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Ian Lynch

Government & Australian Strategic Partnerships, Executive General Manager
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Greg Johns

General Manager Technical Operations
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Brad Erickson

General Manager Field Operations
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Glenn Powell

General Manager Design & Engineering
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Stephen Dubrich

General Manager Operations Planning
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Neil Peterson

General Manager Logistics & Operational Sustainment
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Humanihut recognises that its operations have a broader economic, environmental and social impact. Humanihut incorporates sustainable development and manufacturing processes in its business model. We aim to positively impact social, economic and environmental factors through the following commitments.

Environment Friendly

We aim to use materials and manufacturing processes that have the least detrimental impact on the environment.

Ethical Labour

We ensure that our partners follow ethical labour practices

Competent Staff

Our staff have a broad base of design and construction experience, and volunteer and military service.

Legally Conducted

All Humanihut business is conducted transparently and legally.

Commitments to Design, Manufacturing & Operational Excellence

Service Commitments

Commitments to Design, Manufacturing & Operational Excellence

Environmental Commitment