NEOM is an innovative and exciting new urban area mega project being built by the Saudi Arabian Government in Tabuk Province. Launched in 2017 by Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman, the site is at the northern tip of the Red Sea, due east of Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba and south of Jordan. The total planned area of NEOM is 26,500 km² in the form of a single line of development. 

The undertaking of building such a complete city structure across vast distances in the desert from scratch does not come without its challenges. One challenge is the demand for temporary residential accommodation for the large numbers of visiting specialist consultants and workers that are making NEOM a reality.

That’s where Humanihut has provided a solution.

Late last year, the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System arrived by sea at the port of Jeddah, and was then transported to a site which is adjacent to what will become NEOM Bay International Airport.

In a first for Humanihut and at a request of the customer, the full base camp of 32 huts were configured into 64 functional rooms, with the usual bathroom and laundry facilities.

Many of the ancillary items for the site were purchased from local communities and a local site manager has been employed.

The site is proving successful and is attracting interest from across the Middle East.