Provides shelter, comfort, and security
Fire Retardant Material
Biological resistant surfaces

Humanihut provides customised configurations for unique requirements.

A Humanihut System is defined by the unique capabilities it offers; the folding-wall technology and design provides the ultimate flexibility for usable spaces, integration of all components and necessary logistics for rapid deployment and strong, rigid huts. Humanihut provides a versatile solution to meet individual client requirements, and provides a secure, comfortable environment.

Our Values

Our Values


Understanding and anticipating the individual needs and requirements of our clients; and providing them with solutions that exceed their expectations; logistically, financially, operationally, and environmentally.


Creating a culture and atmosphere built on trust, respect, accountability, appreciation and belonging.


Communicating both internally and externally in an effective, timely, respectful and efficient manner.


We are driven in the pursuit of delivering the highest quality products through continuous improvement.


Growing the Humanihut brand to be recognised as the world leader in rapidly deployable, innovative, adaptive solutions, for multiple uses across many sectors including humanitarian, medical infrastructure, emergency management, defence, and the mining and construction industries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Humanihut recognises that its operations have a broader economic, environmental and social impact. Humanihut incorporates sustainable development and manufacturing processes in its business model. We aim to positively impact social, economic and environmental factors through the following commitments.

Environment Friendly

We aim to use materials and manufacturing processes that have the least detrimental impact on the environment.

Ethical Labour

We ensure that our partners follow ethical labour practices

Competent Staff

Our staff have a broad base of design and construction experience, and volunteer and military service.

Legally Conducted

All Humanihut business is conducted transparently and legally.

Quarantine camps open to address COVID-affected rough sleepers in Port Augusta, Ceduna
Port Augusta Regional COVID-19 Humanihut Accommodation
The Florey Recognised for Engineering Excellence in the 2021 Australian Good Design Awards
Humanihut Pty Ltd: The Florey Recognised for Engineering Excellence in the 2021 Australian Good Design Awards
Humanihut Judged Overall Winner at the Business SA Export Awards 2019