The International Awards Associate (IAA), is proud to announce Humanihut as a winner at the 2023 London Design Awards in its inaugural season, having received over 1,200 entries in total. The London Design Awards is an international competition that recognises exceptional designs and outstanding creative projects worldwide, while honouring concepts that symbolise excellence.

For the first ever competitive season, Humanihut has won the Gold Award in the Product Design – Engineering category. The winning submission was for the company’s unique rigid, foldable, and rapidly re- deployable infrastructure solutions.

“It’s an honour for the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System to be recognised on the global stage,” Humanihut Managing Director Neale Sutton said. “We believe our design is unique and has been proven for more than a decade in multiple environments in countries around the world,” Mr Sutton said.

Achieving an impressive milestone, the London Design Awards received submissions from more than 30 prestigious countries across the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, and more!

"We remain privileged to bestow recognition to designers worldwide under the London Design Awards, shaping together a community while bringing their influence and impact throughout the design industry,” expressed Thomas Brandt, spokesperson of IAA. He continued, “I am deeply moved by the immense influence the design industry has had on advancing the medium as a whole, and I am very proud that the award has received assistance from exceptional jurors who have transformed this accomplishment into a tangible reality.”

Grand Jury Panel

To ensure the upholding of such heightened standards, IAA has invited several renowned professionals in the design industry. Among these individuals, are Tiago do Vale (Portugal), Mark Turner (United Kingdom), Florian Seidl (Italy), Somchana Kangwarnjit (Thailand), Daisuke Nagatomo (Japan), Lichen Ding (China), and many others. These individuals are held in high esteem within their respective fields, exemplifying excellence through notable contributions.

“IAA takes immense pride in honouring these exceptionally talented individuals who reshape and redefine design, shining a spotlight on their remarkable achievements," Thomas stated. “In its inaugural launch, the design industry's newest accolade has achieved astounding success, signifying a significant evolution where the winners exhibit their remarkable adaptability in displaying dedication towards their works, setting the groundwork for their achievements.”

About London Design Awards

The London Design Awards is an international competition that recognises exceptional designs and outstanding creative projects worldwide. Honouring designs that are truly exceptional in the visualisation of creative influence, the award sets out to promote the works of brilliant designers involved in the fields of interior, architectural, product, packaging, conceptual, user interface, user experience, communication and services, bringing everlasting fame to those who would surpass the industry.