The Cooper is a small and agile, logistically efficient and rapidly re-deployable shelter system providing self-sufficiency for a maximum 6defence/military personnel for up to 7 days. Able to withstand the harshestof climatic conditions, The Cooper consists of three climate-controlled Hutsoffering UV protection, thermal insulation, and double-glazed windows.‍

Capable of multiple deployments over its 20+ year lifespan, The Cooper comes complete with bathroom facilities, power generation, water and waste storage as standard. With all components, accessories and utilities secured to a "life-support skid," The Cooper, is an unique, independent temporary infrastructure solution.


  • Accommodation 1-4 per Hut
  • Office / meeting space 1-4 per Hut
  • Container 1 x 20' high cube
  • Time to establish < 1/2 day
  • Dimensions m2 12 x 8 = 96

Standard Features

  • 3 x 6m Huts
  • 1 x Bathroom
  • 1 x Life support skid
  • Reverse cycle airconditioning
  • Power, water and waste fittings & supply


  • Furnishings
  • Utilites
  • Wi-Fi

The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System is modular and scalable, and has the agility and adaptability to be configured to suit any client requirement.