The Basecamp is an on or off-grid, fully integrated infrastructure solution, providing short to medium term accommodation, and optional office and recreational areas for up to 256 people in remote working environments.

Capable of multiple deployments over its 20+ year lifespan, and with all components, accessories and necessary utilities integrated for rapid deployment and ease of establishment, the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System can connect to local mains water, power, and waste-water infrastructure or run independently if services are not available.
The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System is modular and scalable, and has the agility and adaptability to be configured to suit any client requirement.


  • Accommodation 1-8 per Hut
  • Office / meeting space 1-4 per Hut
  • Container 7 x 20' high cube
  • Time to establish 1 day
  • Dimensions 46 x 16.5 = 759 m2

Standard Features

  • 32 x 6m Huts
  • 7 x 20' containers
  • 6 x Customisable bathrooms
  • 1 x Storage container
  • Power, water & waste fittings
  • Reverse cycle airconditioning


  • Living
  • Accommodation
  • Office
  • Recreation
  • Canopies
  • Wi-Fi
  • Disabled access
  • Power, water & waste supply